Secrets of bumblebees

Hummeln – Bienen im Pelz
First Prize – “Town of Sondrio” Award 2014, Student Jury Award 2014
by Kurt Mündl – Produced by Power of Earth Productons for ORF – Austria 2013 – Running time: 50 min. – Featured areas: Hohe Tauern National Park and other areas, Austria

They are chubbier, fuzzier and more leisurely than their sisters, the bees. They are a lot less aggressive and awe-inspiring than their cousins the wasps. When early spring brings out the first bumblebees, they bring a smile to our faces. Macro and high speed cinematography allow us to witness their behaviour (they are not too heavy to fly), understand their biology (they do sting, and fur and antifreeze keep them active in the cold), experience their unique abilities and leave us in awe of these droll little harbingers of spring.