The Lions Rule – Death in the Glade

First Prize – “Town of Sondrio” Award
Owen Pruemm – Production: Terra Mater Factual Studios in coproduction with Doclights/NDR Naturfilm and National Geographic Channel – Austria 2017 – Duration: 51 min. – Area: Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

The Glade is a paradise in the desiccated plains of Ruaha. Water is here all year round. This bounty spawns strange relationships, like the pact that exists between a baboon and a lion family who, against all natural instincts, live in harmony. But peace in the Glade is shattered when thousands of buffalo arrive to drink. They are followed by the biggest pride in all of Ruaha National Park, The Baobab pride. While the Baobab pride hunts the herd inside the Glade, another pride arrives on the scene. They are the Njaa - a pride of drifters - always following the buffalo herd. The herd is in their territory and they will fight any lion that dares to poach their prey. The Glade becomes a war zone.