Should any COVID-19 restrictions impede the planned holding of the Sondrio Festival, the 34th edition of our festival will take place entirely via streaming on a dedicated channel.

In the case that we need to observe such restrictions, we will ask the directors and producers of the documentaries which are selected for the festival, to grant permission to screen their films on the purposely created Sondrio Festival channel.

Paul Reddish (Stelvio National Park Award 2012 for “Hummingbirds”): directing, writing, producing and managing films

Since finishing the film on hummingbirds I have been busy writing scripts for other producers and directors and acting as executive producer for a major 5 part series on Brasil. I have several films that I want to make, but they will have to wait until the Brasil series is completed. It is a new challenge and fun to work with others, helping to shape their ideas. I think directing one’s own films along with writing and managing is an ideal mix. But I’m certain that I will always want to tell stories and make films. It is so much fun, and hopefully it can make a difference.

Joseph Péaquin: a view from Aosta Valley to the world, with a documentarist’s ethical responsibility

Sondrio and its Festival were a great experience for me, not only because I won the First Prize in 2010 but also thanks to the friendly atmosphere of the Festival. A festival which encourages a simple, direct relationship between the organizers, the film makers/producers and the audience. At the Sondrio Festival you can experience a strong sense of Humanity, in a mountain environment which is so dear to me.

A message from Nallamuthu, film-maker from India (First Prize at Sondrio Festival 2012)

Participating in the Sondrio Film Festival was a wonderful and enriching experience. This is the first festival I have attended where there is such a strong people's participation unlike other festivals which are more about business. So it gave me great pleasure when I saw people of all ages - young and old coming to see films on environment and conservation and participating in the festival with such enthusiasm. I also enjoyed interacting with students.

Sondrio Festival 2013 Call for film entries

Film entries are open for: Sondrio Festival 2013 – International Documentary Film Festival on Parks (Sondrio, Italy, 30 September – 6 October 2013) This unique documentary film festival and competition focuses on Nature Parks, with further sections on environment, human activities and sustainable development. The festival is also a forum for nature film-making, protected areas and environmental education.


Welcome to Sondrio Festival

Sondrio Festival is a unique international film festival, mainly dedicated to nature films, of high scientific and cinematographic level, made in nature parks and protected areas worldwide. It takes place every year since 1987 in Sondrio, Italy, in October, during a week.

The works presented in the competition are selected from the best productions worldwide: among the past festivals winners are film-makers from all over the world and famous personalities in the field of nature documentary.

Further film sections may be set up for documentaries made in natural areas, highlighting problems concerning the environment, its conservation, human activities, agriculture and sustainable development.

The Festival International Jury is composed by film-makers, producers, naturalists, park managers and journalists.

The aims of the Festival are the diffusion of the culture of nature parks, protected areas and environmental protection, environmental education and the promotion of nature films.

In the course of a week, the Festival attracts a large audience and the local school children and students who have the opportunity to meet, learn and interact with filmmakers, naturalists and parks managers.

As well as the film screenings (the evening films are shown again on the following day, in the morning for schools and in the afternoon for the general public) the Festival week hosts conferences, exhibitions, shows, meetings with the film-makers and on environmental education for the schools.